Our story

"To create value from beginning to end"

In the fall of 2019, Matthew and Kevin–two humanitarian logistics students–met over a cup of coffee in their university's canteen to discuss their master's degree coursework and life. After a few fikas, the subject shifted to the limited options for quality coffee in Helsinki. Both passionate for a good brew, the seeds of Dash Coffee were planted in their minds.

Making the Dream a reality

After graduating in the summer of 2021, Matthew and Kevin linked up. With nothing but their computers and a vision, the duo decided to start sourcing for high quality coffee.

The industry has a problem

However, the world of coffee has a darker side. By paying prices that are too low, the coffee industry is at least partly responsible for human rights issues such as poverty, child labour, poor working conditions as well as environmental damages.

Building Direct relationships

Kevin & Matthew wanted to to take matters into their own hands. By travelling directly to the source, they wanted to establish relationships with farmers; to see how great coffee is grown and to pay farmers premium price for premium coffee.

Going beyond

We believe that coffee can be used to create good in the world. By not only paying the farmers , but also supporting economic development to improve family life and reduce poverty in rural communities.

Join our quest

By buying coffee directly from us, we can keep making real change to the industry and bringing you great tasting coffee!