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Introducing our coffee gift card that not only satisfies your caffeine cravings but also empowers women!

By using this card, you'll be supporting female led co-operatives and farmers in Rwanda, allowing them to:

  • Gain a livable wage for their work
  • Afford healthcare for themselves and their families
  • Pay for their children´s school fees

Ultimately helping them to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their communities. Enjoy your new favorite brew while making a positive impact on the world!

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About the farm

Two women in the rural Gakenke District of north Rwanda meet each other on the road and one greets the other with and encouragement "Hinga Kawa" or "cultivate coffee" and the other will respond "Umugore mw'iterambere" or "women in development". This community mantra has led this community from poverty post-genocide to producing high quality, organic, fair trade coffee through years of meticulous effort.

How we care

We work directly with the farmers at Hinga Kawa to ensure we pay premium price for premium coffee. For every coffee bag sold, we are able to ensure a measurable social impact.

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