Mayogi - Medium Roast
Mayogi - Medium Roast

Mayogi - Medium Roast

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Profile: Sun dried and Washed

This bean was awarded runner up in Rwanda´s Cup of Excellence in 2018. 

Flavor notes:  Milk chocolate, sweet molasses, peaches and mandarins.

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about the farm

The award winning coffee that almost didn't exist. In 2017, the Mayogi cooperative was bankrupt and almost forced to sell their washing station. This would leave hundreds of the region's farmers without a means to process their coffee, drastically cutting the price they could receive for their beans. That year, our NGO partner Sustainable Growers, stepped in and helped. The next year, 2018, they entered the Rwanda Cup of Excellence for the first time and scored 2nd with a score of 90.06. This major achievement caught international attention and they have sold out quickly every year since.

How we care

By working directly with the farmers at Mayogi, we are able to ensure social impact in the region while also providing quality coffee to our consumers.

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